Former Bruins Player Milan Lucic Still Dislikes NHL Team Montreal Canadiens

Everyone remembers Milan’s threatening of the Canadiens following a playoff loss by the Bruins. It appears that, despite changing teams, his hatred for the Habs persists. When asked if he has gotten over his disdain for the former rival, Lucic said “kinda not really”

“I’m actually really interested to see what it’s going to be like and feel like because every time you would come into the Bell Centre with Boston there was always a special excitement and feeling, the fans were a little bit rowdier than usual,” Lucic also told reporters, per “So I’m interested to see what it’s going to feel like here with another team. But there’s some history here with the Kings and the Canadiens from back in (in the 1993 Stanley Cup Final), so maybe there’s some excitement from back then.”

For Boston,
Ryan Bilodeau