Tom Brady Deflategate Controversy Coming to a Conclusion

Just kidding.

Judge Berman rules soon on the Deflategate Tom Brady controversy.

But even with a ruling, both sides are poised to appeal in court. Aren’t our courts already busy with more important things?

Peter King of Sports Illustrated weighs in:

We start, though, with the Nightmare That Will Not Go Away, coming for the third time to a New York courtroom, forcing Super Bowl MVP quarterback Tom Brady to miss a third Patriots practice while he fights to avoid a four-game suspension, forcing Roger Goodell to put off governance of a distracted league for another day, forcing America to start the 2015 season with endless Deflategate news after ending the 2014 season with endless Deflategate news and having every month of the offseason sullied by endless Deflategate news, while a federal judge decides the fate of Brady’s season and the fate of Goodell’s authority. While we all decide whether to throw our shoes through our TV screens. Personally, I think Brady should skate. For now.But it’s complicated.


Complicated it is. Or is it really?

For Boston,
Ryan Bilodeau